LeeAnn DeReus

LeeAnn DeReus

Responding to Genocide

Find out what role you can play in ending world conflicts.


Does the U.S. have a responsibility to intervene in Sudan?


International Genocide

What role should the international community play in regards to genocide?

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07/31 at 02:53 PM
from University Park

I would like to see entire interview with Leann De Reus. Only preview is now available above.

UN and member countries MUST act together to fight genocide!

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07/31 at 03:07 PM

The full interview will be available online after the show airs on the Big Ten Network on Tuesday, August 4th. You can also watch it on WPSU-TV at 9pm on Thursday, August 6th. Thanks for your interest!

Nathaniel I. Wenger
08/23 at 11:18 AM
from Bryn Mawr, PA

LeeAnn DeReus maybe the problem with genocide is democracy and monarchy. 
Civilocity is a form of government where the people watch the ruler entirely amongst their reign. Democracy is a form of government where the people pick by majority who their leader is. Which form of government do you think is better?
Civilocity makes sure the leader of a country like Sudan never again has the ability to cover up genocide. Do you want the leader of Sudan to cover up genocide tomorrow? 
It is a choice if people want democracy so the leader of Sudan can cover up genocide tomorrow or if people want civilocity so the leader of Sudan can’t cover up genocide tomorrow? It is a true battle between civilocity and democracy yet knowing if there is law is more important then picking someone who say’s there is law? Do I spend a life fighting democracy in a democratic country? For the last four years, after writing civilocity at age 22, I have only begun to see the obstacles I will face challenging democracy and can only imagine the obstacles to come.

What do you think?





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Lee Ann De Reus discusses the history of genocide and what can be done to stop the atrocities happening in the world today.

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Lee Ann De Reus is associate professor of human development & family studies and women’s studies at Penn State Altoona.

In 2007 De Reus traveled to a Sudanese refugee camp in Chad where she spoke with 25 Darfuri women-genocide survivors. She now lectures extensively about genocide and is the co-founder of Save Darfur: Central PA.

In 2008 she was the recipient of the first-ever Penn State University Spirit of Internationalization Award given in honor of her commitment to global service and outreach.

Most recently the Genocide Intervention Network awarded her the Carl Wilken’s Fellowship; an honor given to 20 people throughout the country dedicated to ending genocide.

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